My First Tournament

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My First Tournament

Postby Hitman » Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:51 am

Just attended my first tournament at yesterday's King of the Hill "F" the Elite in Toronto and I thought it I'd share my experience as a new dart player...

Huge congratulations to Paul and the others who organized the event. I found it well run and it moved along quickly. Was a real treat to play beside John Part and some of the best darters in Canada...

Only small negative was the lack of sportsmanship of a couple of players... I was a bit surprised at the frequent "F" bombs and whipping of darts when a double was missed. As a new player I find darts fun and want to keep it that way.
On a positive note - many (most) players were very easy to talk to and I met people from all over the GTA, whom I look forward to playing again sometime.

Finished 7-2 in my round robbin and got beaten by a much better player in the first round of the eliminations... back to practicing !
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Re: My First Tournament

Postby Paul » Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:06 pm

First of all, thanks for coming out Hitman. I hope your group had lots of fun.

One thing I would like to point out is that, if anything, we prefer to hold events for newer players and less established players, and really do enjoy when we see new players come out - especially to their first tournament.

I'm happy that you enjoyed your first outing, and also sorry you saw darts being whipped at the board. We don't take dart whipping lightly as it not only can be dangerous, but it is certainly is unsportsman-like, and makes people feel uncomfortable.

I will take steps to address that in the future.

As for cussing, I'm sorry to say, not matter how hard we've tried in the past to curtail it, no approach has worked. And to be honest, we've only received one complaint about it before.

Having said that, you've given me a great idea Hitman - a cuss jar for those who can't stop cussing. Each time an "F" bomb or similar comes out of a player's mouth, a loonie is owed to a cuss jar.

Proceeds will be added up and at the end of the year we'll direct the money to a worthy dart cause.

If anything, if they can't stop, at leas they can support some great cause.
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