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DartMaster 3

Postby Paul » Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:55 pm

Not sure if everyone knows, but currently if you buy a DartMaster 3 from our sister site TorontoDarts.com $50.00 from each sale goes into the kitty for the Big Push For Darts project.

At $349.99 you won't find a better price in Canada for the machines, and all to support a great cause.

It's a Win all around for Canada as the DartMaster 3 is Canadian owned and made.


Best of all there's no taxes.

Shipping is between $15-$20 to most places in Canada (other than remote regions) so your cost all in is likely to be just $364.99 - that's nearly $100 cheaper than buying anywhere else.

We also have fund-raising packages for groups of legions looking to hold raffles. Just ask us about that.

Link to the Buy a DartMaster 3 page: http://www.torontodarts.com/resources/dart-master-3-III.html

Contact us for more info on DM3 Raffle Packs: http://www.torontodarts.com/utility/contact.html

Did You Know You Can:

Play 501 at 7 different skill levels

    Level 1: Dart Master will finish in 9-18 darts.
    Level 2: Dart Master will finish in 12-21 darts.
    Level 3: Dart Master will finish in 15-24 darts.
    Level 4: Dart Master will finish in 21-30 darts.
    Level 5: Dart Master will finish in 27-36 darts.
    Level 6: Dart Master will finish in 33-42 darts.
    Level 7: Dart Master will finish in 39-51 darts.

Play any 01 game such as 401, 701, 1001, etc.
Play double-in/double-out (301) at 7 different skill levels.
Play cricket at 7 different skill levels.

... and that all games the DartMaster plays are recorded from actual matches that occurred in actual play!

It's just an incredible product.
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